Wednesday, October 7, 2009

House Happenings

Since we've lived in our house there has always been something major going on. New house, painting everything possible that can be painted, new fixtures, A WEDDING, new windows... We finally cleaned and organized last weekend and finally felt a little more settled in. Then what do we do on Monday- tear out the carpet and part of the tile and start laying new flooring! So once again our house is a disaster! Everything that is supposed to belong in the living room is now in the dining room, what a mess. Adam has been working super hard and just tonight finished almost all of the living room (only the kitchen, hall, & 3 bedrooms to go)! It's going to be amazing once it is all done, but a long process working on little bits after we get off work. Check out what we've done: *the cats have been HUGE helps! :-)

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