Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a more complete living room

As my last post said I went to IKEA last weekend to get some shelving for our living room. I knew which ones I wanted to get, but once I got there I of course picked out some different ones. :-) The ones I wanted were $69.99 each,  I of course picked out ones more expensive.. But I was willing to pay more since they had a little more character. I wrote down the aisle and section they were on and once Emily and I made it through the store we went to get them. To my surprise when we got downstairs the shelving that I had picked out were marked $79.99 - not $99.99 that was posted on the display upstairs! YEAH! Not sure why they were marked down but I didn't care! Here is what I got:
{Adam putting them together}
{Adam starting to put his records on the shelves}
{and complete}
The brown rug was my purchase from Urban Outfitters. A 5"x7" chenille rug for only $29 - it must have been a return or something to be marked so low! It's a good thing I got it because I got an email today from Urban Outfitters saying that my charcoal rug I purchased was on back order and they don't anticipate getting any more in. I'm kinda bummed because I think the charcoal one would look really good, but for the price difference I'm happy with brown for now.  We defiantly needed a rug!
The only negative about the shelving is that I had to move the end table and lamp from the one end of the couch. I think it looks pretty good between the 2 chairs {at first I was really worried that the owl lamp would be too big next to the little chairs, but I think it works}
I'm really happy with how they turned out, and Adam's records fit perfectly which was the main reason for getting shelving! I'm still working on accessorizing the shelves, but for now I love it. I feel like we have a cozier/more complete living room now!

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