Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day

{May Day –noun
the first day of May, long celebrated with various festivities, as the crowning of the May queen, dancing around the Maypole, and, in recent years, often marked by labor parades and political demonstrations.}

{May·day [mey-dey] –noun
the international radiotelephone distress signal, used by ships and aircraft.}
"distress call," 1927, from Fr. m'aider,  shortening of venez m'aider  "come help me!"}
{May Day
"first of May," mid-15c.. Accounts of merrymaking on this date are attested from mid-13c. Synonymous with "communist procession" from at least 1906. The May Queen  seems to be a Victorian re-invented tradition.}
{May Day     
1. May 1, observed in the United States, Canada, and parts of Western Europe in celebration of the coming of spring. }
Whichever May Day you are celebrating today, have a happy one!
About twice a week a group of little kids from an at home day care {guessing ages 3-5} take a little walk by our house to the near by park. They always stop in front of our house pointing. I didn't really know what they were doing until we had our yard sale last month and the day care lady said her kids like to look at our cats in the windows.. ahh.

Well on Thursday the group was taking their walk as usual and stopped in front of our house. I figured they were just looking at Charlie and Hamilton, but Adam noticed a couple of the kids tip-toeing up our driveway. So we both looked out the window and watched. The whole group of kids were holding flowers and wearing homemade flower wreaths on their heads! They had made flower cones and were leaving one on our door! They then snuck away, like little kids do, the whole time while Adam and I watched them out the window! :-) It was the cutest thing! After they got away without us seeing them- haha, I went outside to see what we had. It was a construction paper flower cone with 3 flowers in it that had the stems wrapped with a wet paper towel then wrapped in tin foil - made by Sylus, it said. As they made the loop and came back by our house I went outside to thank them. I said "Someone left us flowers, do you know where they came from?" all the little kids laughed not admitting they had did it. Then they were quickly distracted by Charlie and Hamilton who just jumped in the living room window...
This made my day- How cute is that!? Happy May Day everyone!


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