Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recent Yard Sale/Goodwill Finds

and by recent I mean last 2 months...
Yes, it's been a while since I've posted! But, none the less I think I've found some real treasures lately. Starting with this fabulous breakfast tray:

$1.49 @ St. Vinnys! Maybe will be getting a paint job... :-)
this fabulous..? 1950's wiener dog caddy.. $5.00 @ an Estate Sale. Adam bought it with the intentions that it would go on his desk to hold paper clips and post-its. But then he googled and found out that it is actually a 'Dresser Caddy' so it now holds his ring, watch, and wallet on the night stand - Score.
 maybe my favorite of them all... I found more DUCKS!!! $1.49 each at a Thrift Store in Albany, what a steal! There was 4 total. Not sure what color I'm going to paint them yet, pink..? maybe..?
Fu Dogs - $2.99 @ Goodwill. I think I got a real bargain, check these Fu Dogs out from CB2: cha-ching!
These guys have already been painted, maybe I'll get around to an after post soon.
This super cool ornate mirror! $10 at a garage sale! Soon to be painted an unsure color. {Hamilton is inspecting it}
We got 2 of these super cute night stands that are PERFECT in our new guest room, pictures coming soon, $15 at a thrift store in Albany. They already got new hardware {not pictured} Now, to paint or not to paint, that is the question.
This awesome ornate mirror, $29.99, a little steep at Goodwill but I love it. I haven't found the perfect spot for it yet, these are the options: in place of the bathroom mirror, in the living room, just use the frame around the TV,.. hmm.
 Last, but not least, this stainless steel range hood. $15 at a flea market in Bend, brand new in the box! {We then sold our old white one at my sisters garage sale, so technically it only cost us $10!} The plan is to someday update to stainless appliances so we got a head start :) We have a lot of other stainless items so it blends right in!
This was our old range hood:
Everything will soon have a spot in our home, if they don't already! I can't wait to post after pictures of how I've fixed these items up! I love a bargain!

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