Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY Clear View Shower Curtain

My first shower curtain I bought was a Cynthia Rowley 'Swell' Pop-Picnic pattern from target. {I loved it!!!! So much that I got the matching bedding & dishes.. good 'ol Target!} It was very hard to part with but as I've gotten older I think I've toned down my love for color, just a little.
{these were my sheets  - the shower curtain looked very similar, but at your eye level there was about a foot of clear so you could see out & it let extra light into the shower - Loved it!}
Since I've parted with my 'first love' shower curtain 3 years ago I've always copied the clear view idea and sewn my own into my new shower curtains. I've done 3 since, 2 everyday ones and 1 Christmas one. Here is a step by step to how it's done.
{before - gorgeous ruffle shower curtain from Urban Outfitters}
Materials needed: Shower curtain, 1 clear cheap shower curtain {$2.99 @ Target}, sewing pins, & measuring tape.
First, stand in your tub and determine where your head height is and make a mark on the back of the curtain so you know where to cut. Then determine how tall you want the clear view to be, {I do about 12"} keeping in mind the full length so it doesn't pool too much at the base. Our rod is a little higher than normal since Adam is 6' 3"! Take your shower curtain down and cut.
Lay out your clear vinyl and cut a strip a little wider than what you've determined you want. Since it's really hard to sew on the plastic shower curtain I've learned to put a small strip of scrap fabric along where your seam will be so your sewing machine foot doesn't get stuck while you're sewing. Layer your items: shower curtain, vinyl, then scrap fabric - pin all together.
Then sew! After the top section of your shower curtain is sewn to the strip of vinyl repeat steps and attach the bottom section.
Make sure to measure the distance between the bottom of the top section and the top of the bottom section to keep the distance the same all the way across before you pin.
Pretty simple fix to brightening up the shower and fixing the awkward "high-water" look where the curtain doesn't touch the floor and shows off just the base of your tub.
Our bathroom is just about complete!

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