Saturday, November 27, 2010

Framed Family

I've always liked photo frame collages and since we didn't have very many photos of family around the house I decided, like most people, to put frames down the hall. I love unique ornate frames so for this project I of course was on the hunt for those! Goodwill, Garage Sales, TJMaxx,.. and finally I had collected enough. To keep them looking cohesive even though they were all so different, and to keep the hall looking as open as possible, I painted the frames the same color as the wall, HomeDepot Behr paint color Mineral.
Once I had all the frames painted I filled them with photos, then I traced around each frame onto scratch paper and paper sacks so I could test where I wanted them on the wall before I committed with nailing a hole. I used blue sticky tack to hang the 'paper frames' on the wall until I was happy, then 1 by 1 nailed a hole and hung my frames.
I also added in the mix of frames these 3 birds that I picked up for $1 at a garage sale. I spray painted them white and once the frames were hung I added these into places that needed a little something.
And here's the finished wall! I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Guest Room Projects

I have been quite busy lately planning parties, planning for the Holidays, working on house projects, making invitations, hosting Thanksgiving! ... that I haven't had any time to actually blog about what's been going on, so on this Holiday weekend I am hoping to get caught up!
Starting with where I left off, the guest room. I did a lot of DIY in there so here are some of the projects I did.
I read on the blog Three Men and a Lady "Every room is worthy of a bold pop of red." I think what she meant was a bold pop of PINK, at least that's how I took it anyway. So when I was trying to decide on a color to paint my St. Vinnys lamp hot pink immediately came to mind! I am so happy I did, it is the perfect, much needed, pop of color!
{yes, I usually am painting/fixing.. late at night in the back yard by patio light}
Breakfast Tray:
A little blue spray paint did the trick!
Frames & hooks:
Again, a little blue spray paint for the frames. I painted the balls on the hooks white, but didn't take any pics. They were a forest green before.

Curtains & Pillows:
The most time consuming of the room. I started with a set of blue tab-top panels that I already had. I cut the tabs and top section off to make room for my printed fabric. To blend the seams and finish off the curtains I added a band of chartreuse ribbon!
For the pillows I used the small leftover pieces that I had from each panel, there wasn't much! It was actually quite difficult getting the 3 different fabrics sewn together, but in the end I think they turned out great!
Stuffing was the hardest part!
And that's a wrap, on to the next project!
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