Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strawberry Season!

I'm so glad we are finally having some summerish weather! The berries are late this year, but at least they are getting ripe now. Yesterday I went to Davis Family Farm in Corvallis with my neighbor/friend and picked fresh strawberries! I picked just over 5lbs and only paid $0.90/per lb.! Last night with some of the berries I made my mom's famous strawberry pie & thought I would share - since it's soooo good!
{click on recipe to make larger}
{the crust makes enough for 2 pie pans!}
We usually just scoop how much crust we want into a dish then top with berries - then top with cool-whip so the crust never gets soggy!
for a few more summer berry recipes check out my post from last July {here}.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Working on the yard

I can't wait for official summer & nice weather! I've been working in the yard every chance I get so it's ready to enjoy once the nice weather gets here (still waiting). Recently we rented a sod cutter and cut out an area that will eventually be a patio, and attempted to do an area that will eventually be a fire pit, but the ground was way too mushy! Our brother-in-law also came up and helped tear down and re-build our horrible-tipping-over fence! (THANK YOU TRAVIS!!!) here are some pictures of the progress. It will be done by next Saturday since we are having a Bark-B-Q for Trudie's first year since adoption party! :) Until then, here's what we've done so far.
{before - the fence was so old and rotted and provided no privacy from our neighbors lovely half painted house that has been like that since we moved in}
{so tired from "helping" all day}

{my plans for this area is to make an extended patio}
{new pretty flowers planted}
{this area was way too muddy to use the sod cutter so I will have to dig up the grass on my own - yuck!}
It doesn't look pretty yet, but I have plans! & only a week before Trudie's party to get it done!
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