Monday, June 14, 2010

Sewing project, for Trudie

When we first brought Trudie home last week we went to Ross and bought her a little dog bed. Adam said she needed a blanket in bed with her so we used a fleece one we had from the wedding. It was just too big and not very cute in her little bed so I decided I would make her one! I already had all the supply's from different past projects so it didn't take long to get started.
ta-da! complete with pom-poms and taggies for her puppy teeth to chew on
and a matching pillow!
I think she likes LOVES it!
So cute!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet Trudie! ... and the new couch

We've added a new family member!!! Meet Trudie Elvebak! A little West Highland Terrier puppy. She is 11 weeks old & only 8" tall! She is a little bundle of fun! Her brothers {2 cats, Charlie & Hamilton} are about twice her size. Hamilton doesn't really want anything to do with her and Charlie is curious and will occasionally play a little. We brought her home on Saturday, June 5th, and have had a blast with her since! Since we've had her she's met her grandmas, some aunts, an uncle, cousin Maylon, several neighbors, her guncles, the little day care kids down the street, ... and we even made a trip to Goodwill and TjMaxx! {what are the rules for taking your doggie to stores?} These pictures are sooo cute of her, but she is so much better in person! She loves meeting new people!
It's a good thing Charlie and Hamilton had such a great wardrobe, Trudie can now fit the things they've grown out of! Like a PINK snuggie!!

she loves her toys! and her bed!
Swim suit season!
 each one of our 'kids' stick their tongue's out, is this normal??
{see charlie here}
Cousin Maylon loved Trudie, I think...
hahahah, he wasn't sure about the laser pointer though.
he tried catching it!

he did this all on his own :-) 
Maylon's birthday list: Laser Pointer, Dog Crate, remote control mouse...
Charlie and Hamilton like the crate too!
not sure who loves it more.

 and finally, our new couch! Over Memorial Day weekend we bought a new couch, finally!! Our old couch was a hand-me-down and worked great for the time we had it, but it was time for us to get our own. We found this one at {Macy's}. It was on sale, then we opened a Macy's card to save us an extra 20%! I now have plans to re-paint the living room - a new living room post will be coming hopefully soon!
 Trudie is such a happy puppy!
Oh little Trudie! We love her sooo much already! This weekend we have plans to go to the farmers market downtown and to some yard sales! Hope she enjoys it!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pink Gumball Machine!

Remember my old yellow gumball machine that I was going to put in our bedroom, I guess only because it was yellow.? {who needs a gumball machine in their bedroom..??} So once I scratched that idea, then I just had a yellow gumball machine. Then I thought, "why don't I paint it pink and put it in the office!?" {everything is better painted pink!} so that's what I did!

{After} at first we put in peanut butter M&M's and picked out only the brown and orange, Adam thought I was crazy for doing this.. This really was not the look I was going for.
Then, I found these gumballs at TJMaxx! They are perfect!
This now sits on the shelf in our office, with a pile of change close by. :-)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recent Yard Sale/Goodwill Finds

and by recent I mean last 2 months...
Yes, it's been a while since I've posted! But, none the less I think I've found some real treasures lately. Starting with this fabulous breakfast tray:

$1.49 @ St. Vinnys! Maybe will be getting a paint job... :-)
this fabulous..? 1950's wiener dog caddy.. $5.00 @ an Estate Sale. Adam bought it with the intentions that it would go on his desk to hold paper clips and post-its. But then he googled and found out that it is actually a 'Dresser Caddy' so it now holds his ring, watch, and wallet on the night stand - Score.
 maybe my favorite of them all... I found more DUCKS!!! $1.49 each at a Thrift Store in Albany, what a steal! There was 4 total. Not sure what color I'm going to paint them yet, pink..? maybe..?
Fu Dogs - $2.99 @ Goodwill. I think I got a real bargain, check these Fu Dogs out from CB2: cha-ching!
These guys have already been painted, maybe I'll get around to an after post soon.
This super cool ornate mirror! $10 at a garage sale! Soon to be painted an unsure color. {Hamilton is inspecting it}
We got 2 of these super cute night stands that are PERFECT in our new guest room, pictures coming soon, $15 at a thrift store in Albany. They already got new hardware {not pictured} Now, to paint or not to paint, that is the question.
This awesome ornate mirror, $29.99, a little steep at Goodwill but I love it. I haven't found the perfect spot for it yet, these are the options: in place of the bathroom mirror, in the living room, just use the frame around the TV,.. hmm.
 Last, but not least, this stainless steel range hood. $15 at a flea market in Bend, brand new in the box! {We then sold our old white one at my sisters garage sale, so technically it only cost us $10!} The plan is to someday update to stainless appliances so we got a head start :) We have a lot of other stainless items so it blends right in!
This was our old range hood:
Everything will soon have a spot in our home, if they don't already! I can't wait to post after pictures of how I've fixed these items up! I love a bargain!
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