Tuesday, January 25, 2011

pretty pretty endtables!

Back in October I found these end tables at St. Vinnys for $29.99 each. WHOA! I had been wanting to get matching end tables for the living room and these looked just perfect! But I wasn't wanting to spend $60 on 2 tables {even though I fully understand that $60 for matching end tables is very reasonable, I am a bargain hunter and that to me was not a bargain}.
So I passed on them.
A week or so later I went back and there they were marked down half price! YEAH! So for $29.99 I got both tables, now that is a bargain! I had big plans for them but being October in Oregon it rained pretty much every day, so getting any painting projects done is pretty much out of the question. Then we decided to host Thanksgiving at our house and not having end tables was just not going to work. So when there was finally a break in the rain I got out on the patio and sanded, sanded, sanded...
{as you can tell from Trudie our yard is quite muddy from all the rain!}
I was able to paint the drawer fronts white in the house, but my plans for staining the bodies of the tables would have to be done outside since the stain is quite smelly!
As Thanksgiving fast approached I had to get them done so I decided to do the staining in the garage.
 {so pretty}
It was a process & super cold so they took longer to dry, but by Thanksgiving they were in the house!
They are a perfect match and fit with the rest of our furniture and I love them! 
Total cost: $29.99
-I already had the stain & the white paint!

Notice anything else new in the room? ......

Purple Ducks! More about those soon!


  1. i like that table, its so pretty! im excited to follow your blog and start catching up on your posts!

  2. Glad you finally got them done. :) BUT...late on blogging! haha


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