Saturday, January 29, 2011

Purple Ducks

Last spring I had posted about my finding of a hideous mallard that I was so excited about! {see posting here} Well in the posting I had explained how happy I was about finding it, painting it,.. then tragic news about it breaking. I was determined to glue it back together and after purchasing some Gorilla Glue to do the job it just did not look good, so to the garbage it went.
So once again I was on the duck hunt!
Last summer Adam and I were frequenting a local thrift store and there laying neglected on a dirty table were 4 beautiful ducks for CHEAP! $1.49 each.  SOLD!
I was unsure where I wanted to hang them and not sure about the color but after some long hemming and hawing I decided on in the living room and PURPLE!
I know they aren't for everyone, but I love them, they make me happy! Thank you Antonio Ballatore for the idea!
 See original ducks, mirror & purple fu dogs on credenza {here}

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