Monday, February 22, 2010

New house numbers are up!

When we visited our house for the first time and saw the hideous house numbers out front and the light we both said, "those have gotta go!" We changed the light last summer but for some reason we didn't tackle the numbers, until now. For Christmas my mom got us new numbers that were exactly the style we were wanting! (thanks mom) 2 months later... THEY ARE UP! woo-hoo!
Walking in for the first time after we got the keys. Check out the horrible reflective 'sticker numbers' and boring old fixture. FYI the hose reel has also been removed!
Oh, and the front door is new! and the windows...
New modern house numbers! The light fixture is actually a bathroom light fixture from IKEA, LILLHOLMEN Wall lamp. It was only $12.99 so at the time we thought anything was better than what used to be up there, so we got it. Now it's kinda grown on us. :-)
Maybe next summer we'll paint the house..?


  1. Your house is very cute! And only you would be disgusted by something like house numbers ;)

  2. It looks great! It's very cute with the light too :)


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