Monday, August 30, 2010

Drinks anyone?

A couple weeks ago I was 2nd-handing with my friend Kara and we came across this fabulous 70's looking/fake wood veneer cart. I had been wanting to get a drink cart for our patio and when I saw $5 on the price tag I knew this would be perfect!
I debated on how to fix it up {Adam actually said I he liked the wood look and I shouldn't paint it, um - no, sorry husband} I was debating between white and green like the patio chairs I fixed up, or white and yellow.
I took the whole thing apart to prime and paint.
and... I decided on Yellow! and am glad I did!
Thank goodness I had a before picture so I could see how to put the darn thing back together. I ended up having to print the picture off so I could figure it out! Once I did I was super happy with how it turned out.
Ta Da!
{straw dispenser at a garage sale $0.50}
{utensil & napkin holder, from GoodWill $0.99}
It's a perfect addition to our patio! One last thing I need to do is polyurethane the yellow parts. I have it, I was just too excited to hold up posting it any longer. We're ready to have a party!

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