Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yard Projects

We had BIG plans for our backyard, and well we didn't quite get them all done, there's still time this summer - or we might just wait till next.. but here's a preview of what we've been up to in the yard.
{painting our bird house to match the rest of the patio items}
I found this glider while we were in Bend over Memorial Day dogsitting. My sister & I were on a coffee run and I spotted this driving by a yard sale. I think I said "TURN AROUND!" not expecting Cali to actually turn around, she did! (she is not a garage sale goer!) It was only $25 and a perfect addition to our patio! {see here for other chairs found last summer at a garage sale}
{I made patio pillows! Out of a clearance tablecloth from Target, linen napkins from InkWell, & a table runner I picked up last year on clearance at Z.Gallerie}
{i picked this metal butterfly up from an estate sale for $1, I thought it was cute}
 {slate that we got from a friend, we had plans to build a patio with it, but have decided that we don't know what we're doing and would rather just have a new concrete patio poured. We've used the slate in other areas now - I'll blog about that soon!}
This is the area we planned on laying the slate. Since our plans have changed it's just sand for now.
{free labor - aka mom & Barb! Thanks for your help!}
{the pots in the above picture - I spray painted yellow & white & planted Petunias and Begonias in them}
{I put together these hanging baskets. I love how awesome they are doing! the flowers started off very small}
 {a good friend gave us this hammock- we love it!}
 {finished patio pillows!}
{the same friend gave us these large planters. They already had the topiaries in them, then I planted the petunias around it. I'm debating whether or not to paint the pots white.}
{finished glider painted to match our other pieces! - not sure why I didn't get a close up, but you get the idea}
Our backyard is defiantly enjoyable and has come a long way since last summer, but our future plans include: 1. Getting a new concrete patio poured. 2. Building a new fence/gate on both sides of the house. 3. Building a fire pit out of the slate. 4. Going in with the neighbors to rebuild the last side of old fence we have left... Maybe next summer! :)

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  1. WOW! You're backyard looks awesome, Abby! I love all of the colors!!! I really need to see your house in person one of these days!!


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