Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to work at our own house... Bedroom Sneak Peek

So we are back at home and back to work on our own projects. The weekend before we went out of town we started on re-doing our bedroom. We got a few painting projects done, but so much more left to do. I am excited for this re-do so I wanted to post a sneak peek of what's to come.I love white spray paint! I even got Adam to help, briefly. Here is why we are re-doing our bedroom:could be worse, yes... but since we've lived here this is what the wall that I never photograph looks like:How embarrassing! The catch all corner for lamps we don't know where to put, picture frames that we don't know where to hang, a book shelf filled with books and whatever else makes it there, a laundry basket - always with laundry in it, 2 chairs, a dresser... Don't be fooled our bedroom is very small so to have this extra stuff "hiding" does not leave very much bedroom left. BUT... our roommate is moving out quite soon so that means... Another room to decorate!!! (or a catch all space for this junk pictures here).

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