Thursday, March 25, 2010

The BIG reveal, almost..

So, it's been WEEKS since we started our bedroom makeover and I'm sad to say it's still not 100% complete. But, I can't take it anymore! It's so close I figured I'd post it anyway I'm that excited about it! drumb roll please ....................... Ta-Da!{My lamp shades still have the plastic on them.. Just in case I find something better!}This head board idea came from Kara over at Made2Create. When I saw it I fell in love with the idea! It is corrugated roofing metal that we bought from Home Depot. We bought 2 sheets, total cost: $23! It's the focus of the room and I love it!Adam built us a custom platform bed! Total cost for wood: $50!This really cool wall art piece was from a yard sale for $1! It used to be gold. See here.This perfect circle mirror was also a yard sale find for $2! It too, used to be gold.The curtains are from Target, they were on super clearance for who knows why! We got 4 95" panels for $13.98, TOTAL!Little tea light holder owl that I bought from Ross for $4.99. Used to be a weird color, see here.You might remember these end tables from a post a few weeks back, see here. They were a Craigslist find. I got these 2 and a matching coffee table for $40. I had originally planned to put the coffee table at the end of the bed and use it for a bench, but our room is just not big enough for that. Might have to re-sell the coffee table even though I already painted it yellow.What's not finished you ask?
This is what's not finished.. The wall of shame.
Problem: We ordered huge birch tree wall decals for this wall in white. {I think they will look awesome against the gray wall and with the bedding!} Well, they mailed us black birch trees. So we have to wait for them to re-send us the right ones. I also have a few other things to hang on the wall, but want to wait until we put up the tree decals to make sure placement is right.
You might remember from a previous post that I was sooooo excited to get my Amy Butler fabric in the mail that I was going to use in this room. ? Well, that was until we found this coverlet at Target. It was perfect and that also meant I didn't have to sew. So there in the laundry basket in the corner sits my 5 different patterns of Amy Butler fabric.. sad. I'll have to find somewhere else for her.
I'll post process pictures soon, there is a lot!


  1. Oh.My.God.I.Love.It!!!! That headboard is awesome!

  2. Abby, this is too cool! I'm impressed that you are mixing gray, brown and yellow all in one room. The room looks great! It's too bad you can't fit the coffee table in there somewhere...maybe another room in your house?

  3. Thanks guys! I'm sad about the coffee table/bench I was planning too (Especially since I've already painted it!) I'm not ready to part with it, but have no idea where else to put it. Adam wants it out of the garage ASAP though.. uh-oh!

  4. We are considering doing the same thing, and using a jigsaw to cut the headboard. Did you have any issues with the sheet metal being really sharp after you cut it out?


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