Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Master Bedroom Update

Well since we finished our bedroom makeover last spring I've done very little to change it since I love it so much, still! Our old room & makeover process can be viewed {here} & {here} & {here}. 1 major thing that did get changed, which I had planned on changing, were the bedside lamps. I was always unhappy with what we had, but we had them so we used them. They just were the wrong look for the room. {and people on HGTV rate my space were quick to point out the flaws!} Then while shopping at TJMaxx I spotted these lamps on markdown and they couldn't have been more perfect! So onto craigslist our old ones went, and I sold them for $15!
Another change I made was hanging art on the wall. Adam got me for my birthday last year one of our wedding photos put on canvas. Since then the canvas has never had a permanent home {I've had it over a year now!} Last weekend I was determined to find it a home. Now I am wondering why I didn't think of putting it there a year ago...
Another thing, not so exciting, is the mirror. It was originally hanging above our couch, but when the purple ducks came about I took it down. It now is in our room. I plan on painting it - either espresso, white, or gray. Suggestions?
1 more thing.. New wall hooks! They were a Christmas gift from my sister & they match perfect to our bedding!
oh, and Adam got a new clock. It was found at Goodwill but it is originally from Pottery Barn. Cute! but it's kinda clicky at night..


  1. Ahh! I hate clicky clocks! It gives me that "Alice in Wonderland" disoriented feeling. lol. Odd I know. I think you should paint the mirror the same color as your dresser to help unify it. :) See you tomorrow!

  2. Your room looks pretty - love the metal headboard and the greys and yellows together


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