Thursday, April 29, 2010

New kitchen faucet!

YEAH YEAH YEAH! This makes me really happy! It's the small things.. If anyone of you has ever used our kitchen faucet you'd known it's seen better days. It was leaky, wobbly, gross, small, and if you were lucky enough it would shoot water at you when you turned it on. Why did we wait so long to fix it? Well the thought was, we'll get a new sink, and when we get a new sink we'll get a new faucet. And if we're going to get a new sink, we should just re-do the counters while we were at it, then we'll fix it all at once... Well, we still have the same sink and the same counter tops, but the faucet could not get put off any longer! Adam and I went to Home Depot the other night and picked out the cheapest, most appealing one {in our eyes}. Here is before: YUCK YUCK YUCK
No matter what we are doing Ham and Charlie are always eager to help!

aw, so nice. No longer wobbly, no longer broken, and much more appealing! And I can fill a pitcher or large pot without having to use the sprayer!
and, while I am posting - check out my new pink {of course} coffee maker! I upgraded from a 4 cup pink Cuisinart coffee maker to a 12 cup. see old one here. Adam hated how small our old one was, 4 cups really only makes 2 normal coffee cups full so it was time to upgrade. We got a bargain too. It was $59.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond, used a 20% off coupon making it $47.99. Then Cuisinart had a $10 mail in rebate making it $37.99. Then we sold the old one on eBay for $20.00! So technically this beauty was only $17.99! I love a deal!

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