Friday, April 30, 2010

Pink Duck

Last month Adam and I went to Spokane, WA for the first round of the NCAA tournament. {Adam thinks it is a tradition and we have to go, hmm..} On our 7 hour drive home we decided to stop at a few Goodwill's. At one of them I found a treasure!
This hideous wall hanging mallard. I have actually been searching for these for quite sometime. I am such a copycat, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE what Antonio did on HGTV season 3 of Design Star and totally want to do it! Do you know how hard it is to find ugly ducks?? - Hard! So when I spotted this at a GoodWill in Ellensburg, WA I was so excited. Adam, not sharing my excitement, thought I was joking as I put it in the cart. Anyway it made it home with us! I bought a can of spray paint and covered the thing in pink!
I loved it! {I know a few of you, not mentioning any names, do not share the same love for this thing as I do, and that's ok with me}  :-) I had it hanging up in the new office on a random nail that was already in the wall. Well.. while Adam was putting back on the moldings after finishing the flooring he was hammering away and then - Crash! All he said was "You're not going to be very happy.." My beloved duck cracked in 3 pieces!
I am determined to glue it back together and have bought some Gorilla Glue for the job. I hope it will soon make it's way back on the wall.

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  1. Didn't the same type of thing happen in the Christmas story? When the mom "accidently" broke the dad's beloved leg lamp? Just something to think about...


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