Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Office in Progress

So as I had mentioned before our friend/roommate was moving out. He moved out about a month ago so that meant another room to makeover! The plan has been to make that room into the office since it is bigger, and to turn my old office into the guest room. So a couple weeks ago we got started. I still wanted it pink, of course, but also wanted to do some fun wall paper or molding treatment to the walls. Then I saw on a fellow bloggers site this cool pattern that they painted on the wall {see here} They didn't have the best of luck with it, but still I wanted to try it anyway! I think I had pretty good success! It took quite some time to tape up the wall holding the level in 1 hand and trying to roll out the tape with the other.. Now that it is finished I love it {I could be a little biased though since I put a lot of work into it}
I painted over the tape with the original wall color so if any paint seeps under the tape it would be the color of the stripes. {A little trick I learned from watching many hours of HGTV}
This was the last room that needed to get the new flooring put in. Adam finished it in 1 day! I love my husband! 
Charlie & Hamilton are always huge helps!

Closet doors or curtains will soon go up to hide this!
It's come a long way in a short amount of time, it still needs finishing touches.
-We want a new desk, have for way too long!
-I want to sew different curtains
-New desk chairs!
-A few things to put up on the wall
....... I'm sure there are more things, always is. For now I'm very happy with our progress and my new office space!


  1. You are a good way! I love it? I may have to steal this idea from you. I love that the wall matches your rug!

  2. I did the painting trick on our rounded doorway... it worked great! Glad I have your blog to read before I make myself crazy painting these weird rounded doorways! :)

  3. I LOVE the pattern on the wall! I have been thinking of painting a similar pattern either in my kitchen, laundry room, or office... Soooo hard to decide, but I LOVE what you've done!


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